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BeitragVerfasst: Sa, 14 Mär, 2009 15:07 
Hi, we are a family of five persons. I´m 39 , Mikael 40, Marcus 16, Johan 13 and Eric 6 years old. We live on the west coast of Sweden in a small coastal village called Bovallstrand. We have the sea, archipelago, forest and mountains around us. It´s a very popular holyday area because of its beauty. Marcus and Johan both goe to school daytime. Eric goes to playschool three days a week 9 am-2 pm. The reasons why we want an aupair are:

- I don´t want Eric to be at kindergarten full time.
- I need help with household work otherwise I will have very little time for the kids after work
- I don´t want to stress Eric out of the bed early in the morning to go to playschool
- We learn a lot about other cultures and I think it´s very important for the kids to know that “different” is not a negative thing.

When we do not work we spend time with our family and friends. We like to cook and eat tasty food from all over the world. You will have an apartment of your own by the seaside, 10 min walk (or 5 min with bike) from our house. The building is owned by Mikael and he has his office there too. The sea view is marvellous overlooking the end of the Bottnafiord. You will attend school once a week. The teacher will give you tasks that are suitable for your level of Swedish. You will go to small class with people from all over the world. We have an au Pair now and we have had 4 au pairs before that, all of them have learned a lot in short time. If you want to, you can call the current aupair Annika Held +46-766511322, or send her an email at: annika_held[a]web.de or Frauke Ziegler fraukeziegler[a]hotmail.com. It´s not a city area. We have a supermarket, a “kiosk”, gas-station and two restaurants summertime. There are several little coastal villages with different services nerarby. There are very many restaurants, cafés and pubs summertime. We have 25 min by car to nearest really big shopping center and 1h and 15 min to Gothenburg city. We will need help in the end of May when Annika goes back to Germany. My sister and neighbour has two kids, a boy of 9 and a girl of 6 and they have an aupair too. It´s very flexible to have two cooperating aupairs, for example when one of you attends school. For more information about Bovallstrand:


Hope you find this interesting, please mail me (inger[a]bovalls.com) and I will try to answer your questions and send you some photos. Kind regards, Inger Gustafsson

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